Best Specialists for Salt Water Pool Installation

When talking to the salt water pool, it’s been popular over the years among the homeowners of New Jersey. Do you want to build a salt water pool in your backyard? If so, read the article and find the best pool builder in New Jersey.

The truth is that the saltwater pool has endless benefits for the health. We will offer you all the information you need to take the step.

The salt water pool system used by chlorinator’s devices is integrated into the filtration system. These devices are able to take advantage of salt water to generate chlorine gas by electrolysis. This chlorine will automatically dissolve in the water and disinfect it.

An ecological option

It is good to know that saltwater pools are frankly ecological, clean, and respectful of nature. If you are one of those who care about the environment, without a doubt this type of pool will end up convincing you.

Good for health

Saltwater pools are also good for your health. The water is much softer and less aggressive in the skin. It also protects the hair better, and it does not damage the bathroom linen and makes the tan more natural.

The installation of salt chlorination requires the installation of an automatic PH regulation system. Otherwise, you should measure the water daily and be forced to add extra products yourself.


The biggest drawback is usually the price of the installation of salt chlorination and the regulation of PH. In a medium-sized pool, it is usually between 1,000 and 3,000 euros.

However, although it is a significant outlay of money, it must be valued as an investment.

Tips for keeping clean the salt water pool

  • cleaning: every day you should clean the leaves and insects that have accumulated in the skimmers. If your pool is in an area (free of trees) and so much dirt does not fall, you can keep the skimmer baskets.
  • PH control: it is very important that you should measure the pH of the water every morning, especially in salt pools, since salt chlorination tends to increase it. This should be in values close to 7.2 to be comfortable for people who bathe or good condition of the devices.

Advantages of salt chlorination pools

  • Very simple and practical operation.
  • Better water quality.
  • Softer water does not irritate eyes and skin. Do not color swimsuits.
  • It does not produce a smell.
  • Water much less salty than sea water.
  • Reducing the use of chemical substances. We avoid dealing with high toxicity products.
  • The better feeling when bathing.
  • Adaptable to any pool.

Choose the best saltwater pool building expert 

At last, when it comes to saltwater pool building, we have special services for your convenience. We have the best professional technicians to accomplish your work from planning to development.

We first carefully listen to your ideas and then go for building your hygienic pool. You can make hours of fun with our family members. We will ensure our finest quality and we have knowledge, skills, experiences and expert technicians to provide the best efforts.


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